Saturday Night Live features a variety of comedic, student-produced sketches


Becca Zheng

MVHS’ annual performance of “Saturday Night Live” included skits that were showcased on Friday, Sept. 30 and Saturday, Oct. 1. The show was produced, directed and acted by students, and hosted by government teacher Ben Recktenwald and economics teacher Pete Pelkey. Performances ranged from comedic to dramatic, filling the auditorium with a lively atmosphere and engaging the audience. Scroll through the GIFs and photo gallery to get a recap of some of the highlights of the show.

Boss Dinner
This sketch features a boss, his wife and two employees eating dinner together. While trying to have a casual conversation, one of the employees gets insulted anytime someone corrects him and must excuse himself multiple times to go to the restroom and berate himself – until he realizes that everyone can hear him.

A Thanksgiving Miracle
At the Thanksgiving family dinner table, everyone is constantly arguing and trying to one-up each other. As conversation gets intense and tempers run wild, the only thing that can unite them is singing along to Adele.

Planet 10
This was one of the musical guests at the end of the first act, and had several different members playing the saxophone, drums and guitar. The band played a variety of pop songs as well as raps, and encouraged the audience to clap and sing along.

Eight people get stuck on an escalator and start panicking. One man is trying to keep everyone calm and rational, but everyone has emergencies that they need to tend to. If only they could get out of the escalator fast enough.

Republicans vs. Democrats
America, personified as a little girl, has a “mother” and a “father”, representing the Democratic Party and Republican Party respectively, who are fighting for her custody. Each one tries to convince her (and sometimes bribe her) to come to their side, but eventually both parents end up fighting amongst themselves instead.

A group of girls sits down to gossip about their teachers. One of them keeps praising Mr. Recktenwald. The others welcome the topic at first, but eventually become suspicious of their “friend” and start to wonder whether she is Mr. Recktenwald in disguise.

Mafia Meeting
Heads from different mafia groups meet at a restaurant in order to discuss unsolved money transactions, but get quickly interrupted by a singer, who performs a detailed song about space pants.

Tech Talk
Three users of the new iPhone are called in to a TV show to publicly discuss their complaints about the product. After listening to the issues, the hosts of the show call in three workers from the iPhone factory in China to address the cause of their problems. This causes an awkward tension as the users try to retract their complaints after the workers start shaming them for their insignificant problems.

Curtain Call
The show ended with a bow from the cast, as well as thank-you’s and small gifts for the hosts, adviser, stage manager and producers. The audience applauded and then began to file out, waiting to meet the performers that joined them momentarily.

MVSNL 2016