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Apple’s latest iPhone release sparks controversy

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On May 6, 1998, Apple stunned the tech world by removing the floppy disc drive on the iMac G3. Within the next two decades, the company would continue to send shockwaves across the tech community. On Sept. 7, 2016, Apple unveiled its latest series of smartphones, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The phones boast improved specs as with any new iPhone, with the introduction of the new A10 chip, water-resistance and a more powerful dual camera for the 7 Plus. However, the greatest shock came from Apple’s most controversial tweak: the removal of the headphone jack.

“How will I listen to music in the car?”

“How will I charge my iPhone while listening to my favorite tunes?”

“Will the AirPods be included with the iPhone?”

These questions echo the concerns of Apple users across parts the globe — including those at MVHS. Some students see the change as Apple trying to solve a problem that never existed in the first place. Others see the removal of the headphone hack as no more than a strategic marketing ploy for the multi-billion-dollar giant.

Sophomore Karishma Chari sees an inherent flaw in the design of the new Apple AirPods: their tendency to be misplaced.

“I like bluetooth headphones and all but they’re kinda expensive,” Chari said. “I don’t have the money to spend on that. The headphones look like you can lose them really easily.”

With nothing more than the ergonomic design of the new earbuds to prevent them from falling out of users’ ears, these concerns are warranted. However, others such as junior Min Hoo Lee embrace the innovative design by Apple, and see the introduction of the new AirPods as a move which will have transformative effects on the smartphone industry.

“Apple’s been getting rid of these things that people think are useful and have been making it their own thing,” Lee said. “It might upset a lot of people right now, but it’s going to become normalized.”

While many have mixed opinions about the new AirPods, others have chosen to disregard them, citing Apple’s latest changes as factors that cement the company’s status as a premium, overhyped brand.

“I think it’s just because Apple is a brand, so people want to brand themselves by buying Apple,” senior Nikita Venkatesh said. “That’s why even people who have iPhone 6S’s go to the market to buy iPhone 7’s even though they basically have the latest thing.’”

Regardless of the response from its users, Apple will continue to pursue what they do best: cultivating innovation in their products.

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