How to calm down before an audition


Sara Entezarmahdi

Coauthored by Emma Lam

Beyond the humor and drama of the curtains at the MVHS theatre, there lies a less peppy, more tense crowd. There stands an array of students, both excited and nervous. Some pace back and forth, talking to themselves — some recite their lines to groups, looking for feedback. Others sit alone, focused on their script, hoping they won’t forget a line or how to properly convey its emotion while onstage. Some of them have waited months for this moment of getting into the show, while some started just a week before auditions were announced. The director steps outside, calling out the next name for auditioning, then walks back inside as the next actor follows them into the black box.

Auditioning can be a tense but exciting process for most MVHS drama students; it’s their one chance to make or break their role in a play. MVHS drama students have to find a way to calm down before an audition to unlock their full potential in front of the directors. Each student has their own way of calming their nerves, from talking to others to stretching it out.

Take a look at the piktochart below as juniors Kayleen Nordyke, Natalie Standridge and Yash Goyal share the ways they destress before an audition.