ASB seeks student support to find clarification of school dance rules


Ilena Peng

On Sept. 13, ASB president Malika Singh stood in the rally court with a few sheets of paper laid out on the table before her, weighted down by laptops and water bottles to keep the wind from blowing them away.

The letter directly addressed administration, asking for a more well-defined set of school rules. The rest of the papers quickly filled up with signatures of students supporting the letter. With a little more than half of lunch left, there was already over 100 signatures. And by the end of lunch, ASB had acquired over 200 signatures. Originally, ASB had only informed assistant principal Mike White and leadership teacher Jenna Smith about the letter. But on Friday Sept. 16, ASB delivered the letter to principal April Scott’s secretary.

Watch the video for more about the intents of the letter and what prompted ASB to create the letter.