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School Site Council discusses future accountability goals


On May 5th, School Site Council discussed MVHS’ new Local Control Accountability goals. Back in 2013, the Local Control Funding Formula, was passed, and under the LCFF, California now funds school districts equally per student based on grade levels and demographics. The Local Control and Accountability Plan, or LCAP, is a huge part of the LCFF because it puts the LCFF into action — it focuses on what goals the school will set for itself, and how the school is planning to use the budget going to use the budget to meet those goals. LCAP focuses on eight priority areas.


According to freshmen Anish Sinha, secretary of School Site Council, the new LCAP goals are important because it ensures MVHS is actively trying to meet the needs of all the students.

“I think it is really important because sometimes we look at things as a majority.” Sinha said, “But you need to look at people who aren’t getting the things they need — it is the LCAP requirements that require you to look at these three groups the most, and sometimes that is all they need. They need that more amount of love and rigor and know that someone cares about them.”

According to the LCAP, every three years, schools must come up with new LCAP goals. At the School Site Council meeting there were three new goals discussed:

1. Sustain generally high student performance while ensuring high levels of learning for every student

2. Ensure all students will have access to a rigorous and viable curriculum to help them pursue their passions while preparing them for college and careers.

3. Ensure every student will feel safe and cared about academically and socially

Junior Girija Deshpande, chairperson of School Site Council, believes these new goals will help foster better relationships between teachers and students.

“It builds MVHS as a community.” Deshpande said. “The LCAP goals hold MVHS accountable to meet the core priority areas.”

As a parent and a member of School Site Council Isabelle McNeil believes accountability is what makes LCAP important.

“LCAP is important because it is the accountability plan at our school.” McNeil said, “It shows how do we set goals for ourselves and then measure our growth in those areas. All of these goals really exist because we are trying to meet the needs for all students, so all students are successful.”


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