Senior Alexis Standridge: Homicide and other inconveniences


Vivian Chiang

Cowritten by Sneha Gaur and Emma Lam


Photo by Sneha Gaur

EE: Could you describe the plot of your play?

Alexis Standridge: My play is a bit weird. Mainly it’s about a young woman who finds a dead body on her front doorstep one day. The play revolves around what to do with the dead body, how to hide it , how to deal with her sister and her boyfriend suddenly coming and trying to help her with the dead body. It’s really crazy and kooky and a lot of little surprises along the way. It’s just a really fun and zany show.

EE: Why did you choose this kind of style to write your play in?

AS: I like writing banter more than I like writing anything else, and that’s the base of the show. It’s just banter between the characters and shouting things and talking and loud movements and actions that match the words. That’s just the kind of thing I like to watch, and so I wrote something like that.

EE: Where’d you get the inspiration from?

AS: I got the inspiration from watching a lot of old black and white movies like 1930s romantic comedies. There’s one called “His Girl Friday” that is kind of like the show in that everyone is talking fast and things are moving around really quickly. It’s enjoyable to watch because you don’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s what I wanted the show to be like.

EE: What do you hope the audience will feel when they watch the show?

AS: I honestly hope that they have a good time. The show really shouldn’t be taken seriously like there’s no big moral message. It’s just a bunch of funny, kooky people messing around with something.