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Made of makeup: How to do a frostbitten look


Junior Nadia Berndt can become anyone she wants, all through the power of makeup. With tools like liquid latex, she can change her nose shape or make it look as if her skin is peeling. She’s used her love for special effects makeup to transform herself into everything and anything, all the way from aliens to zombies. In this video, she shows how to do a frostbitten look that’ll make it seem like you just came out of the deadliest snowstorm ever.


1. Apply liquid latex to areas where you want your skin to look like it’s peeling, such as the nose, chin and cheeks. Once dry, apply a second coat.

2. Once both coats of latex are dry (it should take about 30 seconds), begin to pick and peel at it until you get the desired effect.

3. Darken up your eyes using brown eyeshadow to achieve the tired look

4. Fill up the areas you applied the latex to with a brown/red brick color to hide the white showing.

5. Add any desired mix of browns, blues, and purples to create an illusion of frostbitten and damaged skin.

6. Occasionally, blend the colors and apply a face powder to bring them together.

7. Keep darkening the “wounds” on your face by adding darker colors until you have your desired look.

8. Apply some white and blue eyeshadow to your lips and blend to include the lips in this look as well.

9. Use a white jumbo eyeliner pencil to fix the parts surrounding the latex and blend the colors together.

10. Don’t forget to add some color to your neck to keep the balance for the frostbitten theme.

11. Finish off with a face powder to tie the look together.


frostbitten look

Reporting by Ananya Bhat and Anushka Tyagi
Music: Say Yeah by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

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