Juniors enjoy victory against seniors in final Powderpuff match


Avni Prasad

The night before, students’ facebook newsfeeds were flooded with Powderpuff profile photos. One junior captioned his photo “Tomorrow may be April Fools Day, but 2017 ain’t no joke.” Another senior called out the junior powderpuff team on their errors in the first performance. Whether you were a boy with pom poms, a girl with a football or just a fan in the audience, everyone brought their competitive spirit to the 2016 Powderpuff matches.

Final Game: Class of 2016 vs. Class of 2017

Friday, April 1
Juniors won 7 – 0

Powderpuff final game 2017 vs. 2016

 Class of 2017 vs. Class of 2018

Wednesday, March 30
Juniors won 28 – 14

Powderpuff juniors vs. sophomores 2016

Class of 2016 vs. Class of 2019

Tuesday, March 29
Seniors won 28 – 14

Powderpuff seniors vs. freshman 2016

Cheer scores:

Juniors – 78 points
Seniors – 76 points
Sophomores – 73 points
Freshmen – 68 points