Purple Pride: 2015 MVHS football season documentary

Purple Pride: 2015 MVHS football season documentary

Pranav Iyer

Nov. 1, 2013. This was the day that most of the current senior class of Matadors had been waiting for the entire season. Their first win on the junior varsity team on their last game of the season. They finished the season with an abysmal 1-6-2 record and where regarded as the laughing stock of the league and of MVHS athletics.

Two years later, nearly the same team stepped back onto the field. But this time it counted. They were on varsity now, with the Friday night lights shining down on them. They strived to redeem themselves and prove to everyone the true definition of purple pride, bonded together by a brotherhood and a passion.

Relive the action packed season, full of ups and downs, adversity and countless memories in El Estoque’s full length season documentary.

0:00-1:22 – Intro
1:23-3:07 – Week 1 vs Westmont HS
3:08-4:48 – Week 2 vs Seaside HS
4:49-7:53 – Week 3 vs Jefferson HS (Home Opener)
7:54-10:39 – Week 4 vs Santa Teresa HS
10:40-14:03 – Week 5 vs Santa Clara HS
14:04-16:32 – Week 6 vs Los Altos HS
16:33-19:37 – Week 7 vs Mountain View HS (Homecoming)
19:38-20:49 – Week 8 vs Gunn HS
20:50-20:25 – Week 9 (BYE)
20:26-25:03 – Week 10 vs Cupertino HS (Helmet Game)
25:04-27:04 – Week 11 vs Lynrook HS (Senior Night)
27:05-29:03 – Conclusion