Girls soccer senior night: Senior Sachi Bansal

Akshara Majjiga

Photo by Akshara Majjiga.

Photo by Akshara Majjiga.

Senior Sachi Bansal hadn’t played soccer for years before she joined in ninth grade. When she was younger, she had been a competitive swimmer, but after hurting her shoulder her freshman year, she decided to return to soccer.

That is a decision that Bansal says she will never regret. After three years on the JV team, this year was her first on varsity. Though the difference in intensity was difficult to adjust to at first, she was excited for the opportunity and is now sad to have to leave it behind.

Over her four-year soccer career at MVHS, Bansal always enjoys the positive attitude of the team. Now that she has to leave, her biggest piece of advice would be to never miss your opportunity to play while you have the chance.

“Come back,” Bansal said, “A lot of girls quit in their junior year, but my advice is to come back and play for your team.”

Looking back, Bansal can clearly remember her favorite memory on the team: scoring the first goal in her first game of junior year. It helped prove to herself that she was capable of competing. With her last game, she wanted to go out strong.