Girls soccer senior night: Senior Rachel Poulo


Vivian Chiang


Photo by Vivian Chiang.
Photo by Vivian Chiang.

Right before the last game of the season, the girls gathered for their last team huddle. Sophomore Mansi Reddy stood up and began a speech that she prepared for the rest of the team. As she spoke, memories of the past three years replayed in senior Rachel Poulo’s head. Before she could stop them, tears had begun to fall. Looking around, she realized she wasn’t the only one who had started tearing up.

“[Her speech] reminded us of how much we really cared for each other as a team,” Poulo said.

Poulo has been playing soccer since kindergarten. She will continue to play club soccer, but she will definitely miss the players on the school team.

“I got to know people that I normally wouldn’t,” Poulo said. “For the past three years on varsity, we worked together really well.”