Girls soccer senior night: Senior Isabel Zou

Akshara Majjiga

Photo by Akshara Majjiga.

Photo by Akshara Majjiga.

From her four years in the soccer program, senior Isabel Zou has learned a lot, soccer-related and not. This was her first year on varsity, and she has learned to live up to the challenging, more competitive game play. She has found it a humbling experience to realize that she may be one of the older girls on the team, but is not necessarily the most experienced or the best player.

Zou’s favorite thing about playing soccer on the team is interacting with people she otherwise wouldn’t have spoken to, namely people of other grades.

“I really like my teammates,” Zou said. “They’re all very spirited.”

Because of her many commitments, particularly music, Zou never had the chance to play soccer on a team before joining the MVHS team. Moving on to college, she sees this game as her last opportunity to play for a team with so many diverse members working together. Still, as she visits colleges, she prioritizes those that offer intramural sports programs because she doesn’t want to lose touch with soccer.

Leaving the team behind will be tough, but the next steps are inevitable. Looking back to her memories of hat tricks and goals scored, this is her last chance to play soccer this way again.

“I want to play hard and be satisfied with how I played,” Zou said. “A goal would be nice, but I don’t know.”