Star Wars Rally Week Dress Up Day 2: Twin Day


Neha Patchipala

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Seniors Juhi Shah and Adithi Sajapuram

Q: What made you want to do Twin Day?
A: We always [participate in spirit day]. I owned a plaid shirt and she owned combat boots and we have similar styles because we both like black. It was pretty easy.

Q: In the spirit of Twin Day, how did you guys meet?
A: We met sophomore year. We were in the same core class and we sat next to each other because our last names were “sh-” and “sa-” and we had a mutual friend. And then we walked together during brunch and lunch all the time.



Juniors Jasnoor Kaur and Lakshyaa Balakrishnan

Q: What made you want to participate in twin day?
A: She’s one of my best friends and I just got soccer pants so we thought it would be a good idea to wear them and the sweatshirt.

Q: Personality wise, what makes you guys “twins”?
A: She’s a lot more outgoing than me but I guess we laugh a lot. Yeah, we laugh about the stupidest things.


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Juniors Neha Chawla, Kelly Chin and Jun Sung Park

Q: How did you guys decide what to wear?
A: We listed out every single piece of clothing we had which took like two minutes. But yeah we all had maroon and black.

Q: What made you become friends?
A: We went to middle school together and we were in the same village and went to the same art class.