Star Wars Rally Week Dress Up Day 1: Pajama Day

Star Wars Rally Week Dress Up Day 1: Pajama Day

Jessica Xing

For the annual winter rally, students dress up for this week’s theme, Star Wars, and Monday’s theme is “Under the Stars”. For the week, the classes of 2019 and 2016 will band together to form the Dark Side, while the Class of 2017 and 2018 are teaming up to form the Light Side. Both sides show support for their side by wearing their most comfortable pajamas to school.

Senior Gayathri Kalla


“It was a cool birthday present, so I wore it today because even though I didn’t grow up with Star Wars. I definitely grew up with Harry Potter.”

Freshman Rachel Lennen


“I think it is cool, having different themes for rallies. I love pajama day because you get to go to school in comfortable clothes.”

Junior Namratha Prithviraj


“I love how I can just get out of bed and wear comfortable clothes to school. I’m wearing this Captain America onesie, which I think is pretty cool.”