Interact brings together students from the community as they volunteer at Project Snowflake


Anushka Tyagi

As a part of Cupertino Rotary, every year the camp, Via Services, hosts an event known to the Santa Clara County as Project Snowflake. Project Snowflake The camp itself has been open for 66 years, the organization for 71, and the event for 8 years. Interact has been volunteering here for a few years and some volunteers share their experiences at Project Snowflake.

Sophomore Joyce Shiah (CPC Community Projects Officer)

“We usually come back because Rotary, our parent organization helps out and supports this event. Today we’re going to be helping out with autistic children and since they don’t really get to experience much of the outside world, we’re going to be bringing in snow, and sledding with them, and creating some Christmas crafts with them. This is actually my most favorite event of the whole year and I really like this place because I get to work with the people, the children who are really cute, and seeing them just warms my heart.”


Leslie Davis (Executive Director)
“You really learn to appreciate everything, you see the community come together — high schoolers, regular working people in the community, seniors through Rotary, cub scouts, and girl scouts. Everyone’s here for the same reason — to help the kids.


Senior Iris Tsai (Member)
“Yes this is my first time. I came because it seems fun, and I get to meet new people, and it’s christmas themed. I look forward to meeting other volunteers and helping disabled kids feel the christmas spirit and celebrate.”


Sophomore Srijani Saha (Member)
“This is my second year in Interact. This event just brings me in the mood of Christmas, it’s really fun to help out, and it’s a nice community event that brings out a lot of people. I like how it’s a great mood lifter especially as we’re getting closer to finals and everything seems pretty low.”