Biken Club takes its first steps to install a bike repair stand on campus


Avni Prasad

Biking safety has been an issue brought up in many Biken Club meetings. Its club officers have stressed the importance of safety to their members in the past. But now the club looks to make an impact on the entire biking community at MVHS by installing a bike repair stand on campus.

“[Installing] a bike repair stand covers one of our major goals: helping the community and teaching people to maintain their bikes,” junior Rishit Gundu said at a Biken Club officer meeting.

On Thurs. Nov. 19, Biken Club officers gathered in English teacher Mark Carpenter’s room to discuss the logistics of their plan. Carpenter pulled up a possible example of a bike repair stand. This example included a pedal wrench, tire lever and pump.

bike repair stand
Working towards one of their goals to improve bikers’ safety, Biken Club officers and advisor Mark Carpenter discuss the process of getting a bike repair stand. They are aiming for a bike repair stand similar to the DERO Fixit model.

Although the officers believe a bike repair stand would be a valuable addition to the biking community at MVHS, some bikers expressed skepticism. Junior Bryce McNeil bikes to school daily. The problems he encounters with his bike are often problems he can fix like his bike chains falling out.

“I don’t think [a bike repair stand] would benefit me,” junior Bryce McNeil said. “I don’t run into enough problems [with my bike] to warrant that amount of money to be spend. “

The Biken Club will have to convince skeptical bikers like McNeil, parents and administration on the value a biking repair stand would offer. The club faces another big obstacle the cost of a the stand. The bike repair without the pump costs $689, and with the pump $1,081.

At the meeting, the officers discussed three possible sources that would be willing to donate money: the City of Cupertino, School Site Council and PTSA. Carpenter and Biken Club officers hope that people will understand the price tag for the safety of bikers.