Dodgeball tournament between service clubs fosters healthy competition


Sneha Gaur

On Nov. 20, students donning red and blue— the colors of Leo Club and Octagon— piled into the fieldhouse to watch a spirited dodgeball competition between the two service clubs, and eventually, the final match between the teachers and the winning club.

Earlier on Nov. 19, CSF had played against the two other clubs, but lost to both.

“I guess [CSF, Leo, and Octagon] wanted some time for their members to bond from this event,”  Leo Club senior Iris Tsai said. “They wanted to show that all the clubs could get along and meet new people,”

Octagon and Leo members lined up on opposite sides of the field house and began the first round of their match. In two exciting and fast paced rounds, Octagon beat Leo and moved on to play against the teachers.
Bystanders cheered and yelped in surprise as balls flew across the field house, some of them making their way into the crowd. Eventually, the teachers won both rounds against the club and congratulated the players on a great game.