Leadership holds Thanksgiving blood drive to inspire Matadors for holiday season


Malini Ramaiyer

In addition to the music, stress balls and dogs for OLE day, on Nov. 20, the school saw evidence of another event occurring on campus. Matadors donned “First-time donor” stickers, vibrant pre-wrap around their elbow and satisfactory grins of having donated a pint of blood to Leadership’s annual blood drive.

Instead of Community Commission directly taking the lead, as it has in the past, the Blood Drive Committee was formed to run the event. As a part of the Blood Drive Committee, senior Naré Mikayelyan believes that the MVHS’ mindset is confined to volunteer hours and through this blood drive, wishes to show students the significance of direct impact.

Updated Nov. 21: A previous version and headline of the story that appeared on Nov. 20 misstated the blood drive’s role in Community Commission’s “Matador Mission”. While the biannual drive represents the spirit of direct impact volunteering prescribed by the Matador Mission, the first event will actually take place Nov. 26. On Thanksgiving morning, the commission plans to distribute food to homeless in downtown San Jose.