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Religion and tradition: Culture revealed through myths

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Religion and tradition: Culture revealed through myths

Vivian Chiang

Since the beginning of time, people have passed down fables and myths from their cultures or religions. For many, these stories often hold a personal significance. Taught at a young age, as bedtime stories or during family gatherings, the myths usually have morals to them, and these morals vary by culture. Watch the animations below as two students share a popular story from their respective cultures.

The Story of Chang’e

This myth comes from China and is traditionally told during the Mid-Autumn festival, also known as the Moon festival, where families come together to offer sacrifices to the moon.. It tells the story of why there is one sun and one moon, as well as the origin of the festival.

The Story of Ramayana

This myth comes from India and tells the story of Rama, one of the incarnations of Vishnu. In this story, Rama is born, grows up and kills a demon.

Animations by Sarah Robinson


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