Quad Dec should have more student representation


Renee Pu

201?The homecoming week of 2015 slid away as the four quad decs from each class were taken down part by part. The well-decorated settings slowly became normal wooden boards,just as they were two months ago. It is a strange realization that even if it took months to put together these quad decs, only an hour was needed to tear them down.

It might have been less lonely to witness the destruction if there were two hundred more students standing side-by-side instead of the scattered twenty students. It might have been even better to have this crowd also work on the quad decs together before they were displayed as representations of every student that belong to each class.

Quad Decorations, or Quad Decs, is a chance for every class to show the others its homecoming theme and a distinct world that is created by and belongs to the students. Students should participate in Quad Decs so that they are fully represented as part of the class. Every student has his or her unique value to the production of Quad Decs.

Quad Decs aims to represent the spirit of the class members in order understand the diverse class body. A drawing, a word or a slight change of structure all have their significant meanings as the theme of Homecoming is slowly condensed and applied to a single Quad Dec. The more students participate into the process of production, the more different the final decoration will look compared to the one that is made by only the class officers.

School is stressful and  students are busy, but that shouldn’t prevent them from attending Quad Decs preparations. Indeed, this activity would be a great chance to take a break from school work and hang out with friends. And the class officers should reach out to more students. There was a lot more information online this year than last year. And next year, there should be more appeals g to the student body during the production of Quad Decs.

Next year is going to come faster than we believe, and for those who still have a chance chance, go to Quad Decs and work on the construction together, surrounded by those who will be with you in the rest of your high school life.