How do you feel: Impact of faith


Emma Lam

In the MVHS community, it may be easy to overlook the impact of religion among students. In a survey of only 388 students, over 9 different religions were represented. With religious organizations like the Muslim Student Association and Roots Christian Club, many students attest to the purpose religion serves in their lives and in their high school experience. We asked five sources on how religion impacts them.


history teacher Margaret Platt

I’m sure there are people who are sensitive to those who may not be the same religion. The students can choose to show their faith, and the school creates a safe environment for those who are passionate about their belief. On a weekly basis, students from the Christian club come, share their stories and pray together. That is hugely impactful, for many students look forward to the meeting very much, because it gives them stability and strength when they connect to their fellow classmates.


sophomore Ayesha Waqar

I don’t think religion affects students because there is a ton of diversity. People don’t judge one other for being a certain religion. Being a Muslim doesn’t stop me from participating in school activities. Everyone can express their religion to their whole extent, as long as people don’t try to convert each other. Religion doesn’t define people for who they are, but for their beliefs as a person.


sophomore Mayank Singamreddy

Religion affects how you act toward others; if you treat them  kindly or not. Like the purpose of Buddhism is to make you less cynical of the world, and to give up what makes you a bad and kinder person. Buddhism helps me become more content. However,  even Buddhism doesn’t affect my life at school because my friend group is really diverse religion wise.



sophomore Roni Mayo

In a place like MVHS, people barely have any free time as it is, with school work and all,  which makes it hard to celebrate religion. For example, during September and October, I know there are a ton of Jewish holidays, which is sometimes hard to keep track of because of school. Religion defines the way they interpret certain aspects of holidays and events going on around them.



sophomore  Kathleen Ra

As a kid, I was taught all the happy things in Christanity. But now, you have responsibilities to uphold your religion in bigger ways. I think that people around you influence your decisions about religion. As an atheist in MVHS, people haven’t bothered me about being one. It hasn’t really impacted me about how I am at school, being an atheist hasn’t affected me as a person overall.


Written by Emma Lam and Renee Pu