New fall season brings new seasons of TV shows


Ilena Peng

Over 100 TV shows are premiering and returning with new seasons this fall and despite their busy schedules, many MVHS students have set aside time to watch their favorite shows. The large variety of TV shows premiering means that there’s something for every student to watch.

Following TV shows is always time-consuming, yet students continue to watch TV since they find it to be an effective means of stress relief.

“School’s kind of boring,” freshman Samheeta Mistry said. “There’s a lot of work and pressure, [TV shows] help me relax.”

Some shows are just approaching their second season while others are well over 20 seasons. Regardless, new plot twists are sure to intrigue viewers every week. If you’re ready for a break from schoolwork and looking for a new show to binge watch, grab your laptop and click on the infographic below.

If you aren’t interested in sitting watching through hundreds of episodes to catch up on a show, take a look at the shows in blue – they all have less than 5 seasons. Looking for a show that’s withstood the test of time? Consider watching the shows in the gray circles. The higher the imdb rating, the larger the circle!