Photo gallery: Celebration Week 2015


Avni Prasad

Teacher dodgeball. Balloon ball pit. Quiz bowl. Lunchtime carnival. It’s celebration time.

Leadership holds it annual Celebration Week from April 27 to May 1 to honor student body and MVHS staff’s talents. Each day of the week is channelled in on one specific aspect of the school. Leadership holds various activities based off of these themes.

Diversity Appreciation

Friday, May 1

All day: Map of the World

After school: Off the Grid (cancelled)

Arts Appreciation

Thursday, April 30

All day: Handprint wall

At lunch: Monta Vista Museum of Modern Art in the academic court

Academic Appreciation

Wednesday, April 29

At lunch: Quiz Bowl in the gym

Athletics Appreciation

Tuesday, April 28

All day: Wear athletic apparel

At lunch: Carnival on lower field

At lunch: Balloon ball pit in student center (cancelled)

Staff Appreciation

Monday, April 27

All day: Write notes to your teachers on different building walls

At lunch: Staff dodgeball game in the gym

Photos by Brandon Chin, Justin Kim, Christine Liang and Avni Prasad