2015-2016 cheer team selected


Anjana Melvin

Outside the locked doors of the dance room, about thirty girls sit in small groups nervously anticipating their turn to go inside and perform in front of a panel of three judges. While some of them spent their time doing homework or chatting about the upcoming Junior Prom and graduation, others waited for their friends to come out of the room and give them detailed reports of how their auditions went.

During the cheer and song team tryouts on April 2, 23 students auditioned for the 20 remaining spots on the cheer team for the 2015 – 2016 school year. Those who auditioned were taught a short routine during the workshops that took place earlier that week, and cheer captains Kelsey Hsing and Mane Mikayelyan led them through the choreography for the last time before auditions began. The new cheer team will perform this routine at the spring showcase on May 15.