Walk a mile in my shoes


Brandon Chin

This object is bound in leather or fabric and tells a story. It waits patiently, collecting dust and age, until the moment it is read and the knowledge within is attained. It comes in a myriad of lengths, sizes and volumes but it only ever serves one purpose — for you to step on.

Shoes are like piles of novels that remain unread. Each student wears a different type of footwear but each one can tell a unique story. From sneakers that have been worn from middle school to high school or stilettos worn for special occasions, shoes are not something to walk on but something to walk with, for at the very bottom of every single one, underneath all the debris and worn fabric, is a sole.


As a result of habit and familiar comfort, Senior Jonathan Li has worn the same type of shoes for almost six years. While Li changes the shoe itself the next pair is of the exact same style. This  model of footwear has walked with him from middle to high school.

“A lot of people ask why my style never changes, especially my shoes.” Li said. “It’s kind of funny how many people mention it. All I have to say, really, to that is, ‘Does it need to change?’”


Once year ago Junior Lawrence Han bought a pair of 50 dollar Vans and painted them stark white. The original black color was bleached out in swaths of white spray paint with the goal to make the shoes model the famous Margiela style. The result was that he turned his shoe into a makeshift canvas.

“I keep them because I think they’re pretty cool,” said Han. “But I honestly end up wearing them only when I’m too lazy to throw together an outfit.”


Senior Anoosha Baxi celebrates both rain and sunshine by donning on yellow rubber rain boots and tromping around campus. First received as a present three years ago, these 100 percent rubber boots have quickly became Baxi’s favorite not only to thwart puddles but to make herself feel bold and unshakeable.

“It keeps me warm when the weather doesn’t. Some people treat it like it’s disposable, but I still have clothing that I wear and still fits me from back in sixth grade!”

Shoes show the path that the wearer treads on. By tradition, creativity, or by pride- a pair of shoes is tied to the character and the choice of the individual.