PHOTO GALLERY: MVHS places second at IDC Fantastics Rally


Malini Ramaiyer

ASB IDC representative senior Christian Choy asked Cupertino High School, Lynbrook High School, Homestead High School and MVHS one question to begin the rally.

“How do you feel?”

Only Matadors were familiar with the cheer, but CHS learned quickly and LHS and HHS just screamed — everyone felt good.

On Nov. 21, MVHS placed second at IDC Fantastics after a two-year streak in first place. This year, the annual intra-district rally occurred at MVHS. During the rally, students competed in mini games, displayed various talents and supported their schools. Throughout the rally, the bleachers shook as Matadors stomped and cheered, consumed by their purple and gold pride.

Photos by Alina Abidi and Malini Ramaiyer.