Secret Menus: Jamba Juice’s White Gummybear smoothie

Rhonda Mak

You might be familiar with Jamba Juice’s fruity smoothies, largely comprised of simple whole fruit and juice, blended together to create the drink. Jamba Juice’s secret line of gummy bear-flavored drinks, however, makes use of a myriad of sherberts, fruit juices, fruit and even soy milk, to best imitate the flavor of different colored gummy bears, such as Red Gummybear, Green Gummybear and Blue Gummybear.

Jamba Juice’s White Gummybear drink attempts to recreate its pineapple-flavored namesake. The smoothie, while fruity and refreshing, does not replicate the flavor of actual white gummybears accurately, as it is too sweet and strong in flavor. Hover over the image for more details.