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Girls golf: Three memorable game GIFs

Jyotsna Natarajan

The Matadors faced off against Lynbrook High School and Gunn High School, on Oct. 2 at Deep Cliff Golf Course. The scores for MVHS, Lynbrook, and Gunn were 224, 204 and 264, respectively.

Players were grouped into trios, with one player from each school in a group.There were six groups of players. According to coach Brian Sullivan, this was done for scheduling purposes. Also, financially speaking, he explained that the teams were able to play two games for the price of one. The six MVHS players were freshman Florence Yang, junior Anika Singh, freshman Meg Niu, sophomore Madeleine Park, senior Harshitha Sriraman and sophomore Jessica Zhao.

Park started off at the first hole with a strong swing. She maintained her focus on each and every one of the holes.

Singh swings hard at the seventh hole, hoping to place the ball on the green. As she gains more experience, she observes herself improving in her long shots and her putts.

Yang putts at the ninth hole, finishing the course before all the other groups. As a freshman, she had been pretty nervous to play against more experienced players.

The players’ opinions of their performances were fairly varied, with a few seeing improvements while and others felt they needed more practice.

“[I want] more control over my hitting and of my mental stability,” Yang said. “[The other players] make me really nervous because they’re really good.”

Singh had a different opinion of how she had played. She sees herself improving with more practice, because she is clear of the areas where she needs to improve.

“I did pretty good,” Singh said. “I made some really good putts. I made two 20 to 25 foot putts.”

While some players thought they needed more practice, and others thought they were improving, Sullivan believes the team as a whole has improved.

“Both Lynbrook and Gunn are battling it out for league championship[s], and as a team, we’re not there yet,” Sullivan said. “I wanted them just to focus on what they were capable of doing and not [get] caught up in how well the other players were playing.”

The team’s next game is against Homestead and Palo Alto High School at Deep Cliff Golf Course on Thursday, Oct. 9.