Player Profile: Sarah Tom


Elliot Ki

Girls varsity water polo’s only underclassman describes her experience with the sport.

Freshman Sarah Tom has been playing water polo since she was eight years old. She played at DACA until she turned 14 years old, which is the age at which DACA players have to stop due to the organization’s age restriction. Tom plays a wide range of positions; if need be she plays set. This past summer, the team participated in the Junior Olympics. She knows as a freshman on varsity she has something to prove, and she is ready for the challenge.

El Estoque: How does it feel to be the only underclassman on the varsity team?
Sarah Tom: I played with them throughout the summer. It’s nice. Before I played with just guys, and now it’s more sociable with girls. They are all older than me, so it’s kind of weird. I’ll miss the seniors when they graduate, and I really appreciate it that they let me on the team.

EE: What are your expectations for the season regarding the team?
Tom: After doing Junior Olympics, I feel we have a really good team. We’ll improve and do well this season.

EE: What are your expectations for yourself?
Tom: I want to show I’m a good player even though I’m a freshman. The coach tells me I am a good player, but I want to prove it when I play. 

EE: Did you consider playing for JV?
Tom: I didn’t really consider playing JV or varsity. I just wanted to play water polo. If I was put on JV, then that would be great too. After talking to the varsity coach, he said I can play on both teams because all the girls on varsity will leave, and then I won’t know the JV players. If I play with both I can understand how JV and varsity plays.

EE: What advice do you have for aspiring water polo players who want to get better?
Tom: Do what you think you can do and have fun. Don’t think you’re bad or good, just do what you think you can do. If you have a problem talk with your teammates.