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10 Things You Didn’t Know About SSR


1. All the necessary Secondary School Report information can be found under the “Documents Library” tab on the right-hand side of your Naviance account. The SSR is sent to all private schools you apply to and consists of your official transcript, counselor recommendation, and school profile (information about MVHS).

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2. Be aware! Deadlines are approaching  FAST.

If your school’s application deadline is between Nov. 2nd and 15th, SSR information is due by Sept. 23. If your school’s application deadline is Dec. 3rd or later, SSR information is due Nov. 14.


3. Your college list does not have to be finalized until Dec. 5. Up until then, you can still delete or add colleges to apply to.


4. The SSR is only required for private universities. The University of California system does not request SSR because no counselor recommendations are required. Grades are self-reported,  so transcripts are unnecessary.


5. The three teacher input forms required for SSR are separate and not related to teacher recommendations. While teacher recommendations are directly sent to colleges and are an in-depth explanation of the student’s academic performance, teacher input forms are sent to counselors so they have a reference to write the counselor recommendation.


6. Make sure to give your teachers SSR input forms three weeks before the deadline, so they have sufficient time to complete all input forms before they’re due.

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7. Parents, as well as seniors, must also fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire is for counselors to gain a better understanding of the student’s character and personality.

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8. All the information required — senior questionnaire, parent questionnaire and, teacher input forms — are for your guidance counselor/ or assistant principal to write a recommendation letter for you.  At a large public school like MVHS, counselors may not have the time to meet with every student in their alpha group, rendering it almost impossible to write personal recommendation letters for everyone applying to private schools. With the help of teacher input forms and parent and senior questionnaires, counselors will be able to paint a more accurate portrayal of seniors in their letters.


9. Brown Bag meetings are scheduled by Mrs. Taba. Dates and topics can be found on Naviance; topics range from the advantages and disadvantages of applying Early Decision versus Regular Decision, how to craft your private school essays and how to choose a major.


10. It costs five dollars to send an SSR report to each college. For example, if you send the SSR to eight colleges, you would need to pay 40 dollars.


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