How To: Create a Bow

How To: Create a Bow

Joshua Tsuei

Ever since elementary school, senior Kelsey Hsing showed a strong interest in clothing and merchandise. Sewing clothes is a form of self expression for Hsing.

“I never wear the clothes I sew,” Hsing says, “It’s just a hobby”.

As president of the Fashion Club, Hsing often showcases her work, gaining inspiration from clothing items she sees as well as her own on-the-spot creativity. Hsing works in her kitchen and uses material is from Joann Fabric and Crafts. Hsing typically sews once a month to achieve an end result of five outfits a year.

How to make a hair bow

Materials: fabric, sewing machine, scissors, paper, marker and a relatively similar color thread as your fabric

Draw template on paper (a four inch bow should be 8.5″ long and 4.25″ wide). Then, cut out the fabric and fold it in half
2. Sew together the sides of your folded fabric, making sure to leave the last side open
3. Sew the last side together
4. Trim off excess cloth
5. Use the opening to flip the bow inside out (so the thread will be hidden), and sew the opening closed
6. Cut a thin piece of fabric and pinch the center of your bow
7. Use the thin piece and wrap it around the center of your bow, and tie off the excess.
Attach the bow to a clip for your hair, make it a keychain or attach it to your backpack.

This story was reported by Joshua Tsuei and Emily Zhao.