Matador of the Week: Monica Polgar

Alina Abidi







Returning varsity player sophomore Monica Polgar has stood out on defense as girl soccer’s goalie, despite their nine-game losing streak. Polgar has been playing since kindergarten and looks forward to playing two more seasons at MVHS.

El Estoque: What do you value in yourself and your teammates?

Monica Polgar: It’s important to be cooperative and work hard. I like to see my teammates being really respectful of people and not being bad sports.

EE: How has being a returning varsity member helped you?

MP: It’s helped me be a better leader on the team and it’s helped me make decisions.

EE: What are you hoping for next season?

MP: To win a game. I’m looking forward to having a better foundation of teammates who have been working together longer.

EE: How can your team improve next season?

MP: We can definitely improve on working better together because we’re a really new team, so we don’t have that whole sense of camaraderie.

EE: What are your favorite experiences from this season?

MP: One time, [captain junior Janaye Sakkas] was wearing all purple and she looked like a grape. Another time [goalie junior Audrey Haines] kept on calling [varsity coach DJ Driscoll’s] name and she yelled, “DJ, DJ” and he wouldn’t look up. So I yelled, “Yo, DJ!” and he responded. He just said, “Hi.” We all started laughing. We also had a team sleepover which was really fun because we got the chance to bond and talk.

EE: What do you like most about your team?

MP: We’re all really close and we have no drama between us. Even though we haven’t had the best season, we’ve stayed strong all season. We learned that we all need to keep working.

EE: What tips do you have for incoming soccer players?

MP: Just show that you can work hard and communicate, that’s what we’re looking for.