Matador of the Week: Namrata Subramanian

Sarah Ramos

Marathon runner shares her experiences

photo by Rochish Ambati

photo by Rochish Ambati

El Estoque: What are your thoughts about winning the 15-17 year old division of the Rock and Roll half marathon?

Namrata Subramanian: I’ve been training really hard with cross country so I’m happy I won. I also improved my own personal record by seven minutes from last year. Last year I also won the 15-17 year old division, but I was really happy. I didn’t think I would win compared with the 17-year-olds, but my coach and school helped me a lot – he’s the best coach I’ve ever had.

EE: What kind of training did you do to prepare for this race?

Subramanian: Basically, my training was with the cross country team. We have long runs once a week, so that’s mainly what helped me in my half marathon. You also need speed training.

EE: How do you feel your team has helped you win this race?

Subramanian: The team is the people I run with, and they’re the people that motivate me to do better. They’re the ones who push me to do better and that’s how I improved.

EE: How long have you been competing in this half marathon?

Subramanian: I have been doing it for several years. My first half marathon was when I was 13.

EE: Why did you sign up for the race?

Subramanian: My dad is the one who runs marathons so he always made me do 5ks and 10ks. I trained with him in eighth grade, which is when I ran the half marathon.

EE: What are some childhood memories you have running?

Subramanian: I remember when I was seven, my dad would always sign me up for 5ks and tell me to train but I never trained. I would run in my seven-year-old category and win. I was really happy and my dad was proud of me for winning a medal.