Welcome back rally concludes the first week of school

Neesha Venkatesan

Many students enjoyed the Welcome Back rally despite the typical outcome.

After a long week of getting back into the routine of school, MVHS students attended the Welcome Back rally to kick off the new year. Each class decorated posters with wild animals and exotic settings in accordance to the rally’s theme: Welcome to the Zoo.

At the end of the rally the results were announced and the seniors won first place followed by the juniors, sophomores and freshmen. Regardless of the outcome, students of all grades enjoyed the rally and look forward to the upcoming ones this year.

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[quote_center]“We were really unprepared but we came back. We’re the best class, 2017, but we could have improved by having everyone in the know.” — freshman Joseph Kuo[/quote_center]

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[quote_center]“[The rally] was pretty cool. A lot was put into it and we all participated really well, because the freshmen sometimes don’t get into the rally but they did this time. I’m excited for the Homecoming rally because it’s one of my favorite rallies.”— sophomore Keerthi Krishnan[/quote_center]

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[quote_center]“I don’t really like rallies because they’re loud and there are lots of people, but I will go to the rallies later this year because my friend is on the cheer team and I want to support her. I hope the juniors win a couple, but I think the seniors will win most of them.” — junior Kristina Sinks[/quote_center]

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[quote_center]“It was our first rally as seniors and I knew that we would win, but just winning was an awesome feeling. We’re going to win all of [the rallies], it’s a given. I’m really excited for the Homecoming rally because it’s an actual competition then. I’m going to miss the rallies because they don’t have those in college.” — senior Anupya Nalamalapu[/quote_center]