Fashion Club holds fashion show on May 18


Anjali Bhat

Fashion Club’s eighth annual fashion show brings the work of young designers into the spotlight.

Underclassmen in Fashion Club established themselves as designers by showcasing their own clothing lines at the eighth annual fashion show on May 18. Meanwhile, the seniors ended their high school fashion pursuits and displayed their clothing on the runway for the last time.

Fashion Club officers were initially concerned about ticket sales; their goal was to attract an audience of at least 50. However, according to Fashion Club president senior Sherry Roohi, 55 people attended the show, surpassing their goal.

“I thought it was great,” said audience member junior Celine Mol. “I was really surprised with the things that the [designers] could do. When the [models] came out, I was like, ‘Wow, I would totally wear that!”

According to Mol, designs from the fashion world can often seem outlandish or atypical to the average high school student. However, she was thoroughly impressed by the combination of originality and practicality in many of the garments in the show.

Art teacher and Fashion Club advisor Jodi Johnson said that the seniors ended their run with the club strongly by creating truly original work. Many of the skirts and dresses in the show featured hand-stitched detailing, beadwork and fabric paint. According to Johnson, she was initially concerned about the logistics and behind-the-scene details of running the show.

“But it actually came out really well, and they made all the little changes,” Johnson said. “Just watching all of them be happy and excited and to see my kids be so successful is definitely my favorite part of the show.”

Two Fashion Club seniors, Navya Cherukuru and Jessica Chen, have been accepted to nationally acclaimed fine art universities –– the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design, respectively. Both will pursue careers in the field of fashion designing, which has interested them since freshman year.

The club’s younger members, including freshman Anushka Tyagi and sophomore Kelsey Hsing, have also begun to shape their legacies as creators and innovators on campus. The designers were also given the opportunity to choose their own models for the fashion show.

“The black [chiffon] maxi skirt designed by Kelsey [Hsing] was my favorite thing I wore tonight,” said freshman Megan Bemis, Hsing’s model.

Though the show was a small and local event, Bemis felt that being among rising designers and their supporters was special.

“Getting to walk the runway and being able to have people cheer for me, and just having my friends ask me to model was a huge honor,” Bemis said.

Throughout the show, individual designers introduced their line with an anecdote about the work behind it. The show ended with great applause from the audience as all designers and models took one last walk around the stage and runway.

 Check out the photo gallery below for pictures from the event:

Correction: May 28, 2013

 An earlier version of this story stated that Megan Bemis was a sophomore. Bemis is a freshman.