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Girls Softball: Twelve inning marathon results in MVHS defeat


In a 12-inning home game against Santa Clara High School, the Matadors blew a three run lead heading into the seventh inning and lost 6-7. They had previously routed the Bruins 13-2 on March 21.

The Matadors’ offense performed well against the SCHS defense in the early stages of the game as they scored four runs by the end of the fourth inning, gaining a 4-1 lead. The team kept the Bruins’ pitcher on her toes as they registered hit after hit, stretching the number of at-bats per inning.

MVHS also had a strong showing from sophomore pitcher Tamanna Ahluwalia, who limited the Bruins’ at-bats and allowed only one run through the first five innings. In the fourth and fifth innings, Ahluwalia recorded two fly balls and struck out the other four SCHS batters. The Bruins’ offense struggled to register hits throughout the first half of the game, despite taking an early 1-0 lead.

“Our pitcher was hitting all of her points really well,” senior catcher Kalani Seaver said. “That allowed us to come back after we lost the lead.”

Aided by strong pitching from Ahluwalia, MVHS climbed to a 4-1 lead in the fourth inning. But midway through the sixth inning, the Matadors stumbled and allowed the Bruins to cut the MVHS lead to two. MVHS responded immediately after with a double play to end the inning. However, the Matadors struggled to distance themselves from the Bruins as the top of the seventh inning ended quickly with two strikeouts and one ground out.

With the game on the line and SCHS down by two, the Bruins’ offense surged, scoring two runs in consecutive at-bats to tie up the game at 4-4, taking away the Matadors’ lead and putting Ahluwalia under pressure as SCHS loaded the bases. Consequently, MVHS lost its momentum and struggled to recover from their setback.

“The team that’s ahead will oftentimes lose focus or ease up, which’ll lead to the mental errors like the ones we made,” Seaver said.

From there on, SCHS gained control of the game, jumping out to a 5-4 lead in the tenth inning. However, the Matadors were able to come back and tie the game at 5-5.

The frantic pace of the game was interrupted in the eleventh inning, when a SCHS runner collided with Seaver. The game was paused as the MVHS trainer came onto the field to apply bandages. Seaver returned to the game momentarily after a couple practice pitches with Ahluwalia.

“Some of the players use metal cleats, so when she ran into me, she cut my sock wide open,” Seaver said. “[My leg] is alright now, but it kind of stings.”

After play resumed, the players took the field to continue the eleventh inning. MVHS held SCHS to three at-bats, but in the twelfth inning the Bruins fought back to jump out to a 7-5 lead. The Matadors quickly responded with a run of their own, as freshman Maddy Marten scored off a single from freshman Marissa Lee. Despite the late offensive effort, the next two batters struck out, and a close game slipped out of the Matadors’ hands.

The Matadors’ next home game will be their Senior Game on May 9 against Los Gatos High School.


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