Shannon Lin

Mr. Yu spent his winter vacation with family last year in Barcelona where his cousin snapped this photo of him busily taking photographs of the beach they visited.

When did you first start photography?
I don’t know — a long time ago, but not seriously. Seriously, probably 3 to 4 years ago?

What was your first camera?
My first SLR was a Canon Rebel XT, but my first digital camera was a Kodak DC 100. It was super old.

What do you like taking pictures of?
School events, landscapes, sunsets. Actually my favorite thing is the sky. Anything in the sky: clouds, moon, etc.

Is there a certain place you like to go to take pictures?
No, I’m too lazy to go to different places so … I carry around a camera and whenever I see something cool I just try to take a picture of it.

Canon or Nikon? And why?
I like either of them … I use a Pentax right now … because it’s a better value. Plus I like being able to use all the old lenses.

What do you think every photographer needs?
I don’t know. This is too philosophical for me. l just like playing with toys; I just like buying a bunch of toys. But [in my opinion] every photographer probably needs patience.

Describe one of your best experiences while photographing.

I just like taking pictures when people are happy. I especially like candid pictures. I don’t like posed pictures so like at a wedding, I like taking photos of people hugging and greeting and being happy as opposed to “everybody say cheese!” [Basically] any time I see people happy.

Describe one of your favorite pictures you have ever took.
Well I took one photo when I was driving down to LA and I submitted to some website and it won photo of the day so that was pretty cool. [Click here to view]