Fantasy politics


Mihir Joshi

To gauge MVHS’ overall political stance on issues central to the 2012 election, El Estoque surveyed students about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama’s policies. Questions were presented without party affiliation. 568 students took the survey.

The Obama administration believes that women have a right to a safe and legal abortion regardless of their ability to pay and that it is a woman’s personal decision. 80 percent of Democrats surveyed said they are pro-choice.
The Romney administration opposes using taxpayer money to promote or perform abortions and will not support healthcare that includes abortion coverage. 56 percent of the students that would vote for Romney disagree with his pro-life stance.

Gay Rights

President Obama recognizes gay rights and believes gay marriage should be legalized.Although Christians surveyed are the religious group that supports gay rights the least, 66 percent of them are still aligned with his stance.
Congressman Paul Ryan, Governor Romney’s running mate, has stated that gay marriage is not an “American” value. 97 percent of the agnostics surveyed support gay rights, and they are the religious affiliation most in favor of the issue.



The Obama administration plans to provide tax cuts to the middle class and small businesses, while those with annual incomes over $250,000 will pay a larger tax. 65 percent of first generation Americans surveyed support Obama’s plan.
The Romney administration believes that the only way to bring potential economic growth is to lower taxes on all classes to encourage spending. 52 percent of the second generation immigrants surveyed support Romney’s plan.


Foreign Policy

Obama plans to lower dependence on foreign oil and strengthen relationships with other nations.  38 percent of the Democrats surveyed disagree with Obama’s foreign policy.
Romney will limit foreign aid and imports as a means of bolstering the American economy.  58 percent of the Republicans surveyed disagree with Romney’s foreign policy.


Debt Control

The Obama administration plans to cut defense spending by $350 billion and will enforce caps on federal government spending. 71 percent of students that would vote for Obama support his debt control plan.
The Romney administration will shrink nondefense discretionary spending. 68 percent of Republicans disagree with Romney’s position on debt control.



In a potential second term, Obama plans to lower rates on student loans and subsidize schools that provide low fees. 81 percent of Republicans surveyed support Obama’s college plan.
Romney has stated he would encourage community colleges and out of high school jobs as alternatives to fray the costs of four year colleges. 78 percent of Romnney voters disagree with his stance on tuition fees.


Universal Healthcare

The Obama administration will mandate that insurance providers will provide healthcare regardless of all pre-existing conditions. 58 percent of democrats disagree with his stance on healthcare.
The Romney administration plans to repeal Obamacare and to respect consumer choice in health care while promoting individual responsibility for health. 80 percent of students that would vote for Romney support his stance.

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