One giant leap for Snooki

One giant leap for Snooki

Nathan Desai

People die every day. People are also born every day. Some of these people may be iconic. Some may be Average Joes. However, on Aug. 26, we received quite an exchange for one of America’s heroes.

As Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, was preparing to leave Earth once again, one of the country’s most infamous celebrities, Snooki, went into labor.

Armstrong did wonders for humanity. His small step told man that we had conquered the big rock floating in the night sky and his giant leap told mankind that anything is possible.

Not as much can be said about Snooki.

She rose to fame for partying, drinking and closely resembling an Oompa-Loompa.

Armstrong’s crew took four days to reach the moon. Snooki probably takes four days to memorize a single line for her “reality” show.

Neil Armstrong went to the moon. It would take more than 16.5 million Snookis lined up head to toe to reach the moon. Though I don’t see why anyone would want that many Snookis. Heck, I can’t even handle one Snooki.

But now we’ve lost an Armstrong and gained a baby Snooki.

And it doesn’t appear that everyone realizes the unfairness of this trade.

When news of Armstrong’s death came out, some were sympathetic and remembered his achievements. However, some were quick to criticize him. Can you believe that there are people out there who still believe the moon landing was a conspiracy? Not only is the flag still there, but “MythBusters” have also proven the voyage’s legitimacy.

As for Snooki, she is used to receiving hate from all sides. And when she gave birth, the jokes and Tweets rolled in. One of the most popular remarks was, “If you’re ever having a bad day, just remember that there is someone with Snooki as his mom.” There’s a fine line between being funny and cruel, and a statement like that falls on the wrong side of that line.

However, they both take great pride in their work. And that is because they know that the general public is inclined to criticize.

No matter how grand the task (like giving birth or stepping on the moon), no one is satisfied with the achievement. There are always people that have you in the crosshairs, trying to stop you. But that shouldn’t matter. As long as you can motivate yourself, anything is possible.

Armstrong became famous for walking on the moon. Snooki became famous for excelling in her role as a villain. They both made a name for themselves, which is quite an accomplishment.

So as Neil Armstrong departed Earth one final time, and as Lorenzo LaValle took his first gasp of air with his proud mother, they did so with a reminder to always aim for the moon — even if you only end up in New Jersey.