FIELD HOCKEY: Defeat at home


Alaina Lui

Senior Cindy Jung guards the ball while maintaining good ball control. Photo by Alaina Lui.
As senior Megan Jones made a difficult save aimed high off the ground, ending yet another of Los Gatos High School’s scoring opportunities, MVHS realized they needed to improve defensively. With a strong effort from the defense, the ball was cleared and driven out towards the LGHS goal. However, MVHS was not able to capitalize on this opportunity. The team lacked polished passing during much of the game. Ball possession was also a major issue which put more pressure on the goalie and the defense.

On Sept. 10, the MVHS girls field hockey team lost 7-0 in a tough match against LGHS. MVHS’ defense was working hard as junior Katrina Chan successfully stopped many balls that threatened to enter the goal. Although Chan stumbled a couple of times, she was able to stop numerous goal attempts made by LGHS.

Seniors Holly Matsunami and Katie Byrne worked as a cohesive unit as they cleared balls to midfield. This created several opportunities for goal scoring, which MVHS attempted to take advantage of, though couldn’t capitalize on. However, despite these efforts, LGHS scored three points in the first 10 minutes of the match. In the rest of the first half, MVHS’ defense stepped it up soon after and blocked additional shot opportunities. Yet, with only a few minutes left in the first half, LGHS scored once again.

At the end of the first half, LGHS was up 4-0, but the Matadors did not stop fighting to recover the lead. The team tried to regroup during halftime.

“The coach just told us to keep our intensity up because we were slacking off a little in the first half,” junior Alexis Page said.

In the start of the second half, MVHS started off strong, bringing the ball up towards the goal and maintaining good ball possession. The players adopted a more aggressive play style in hopes of getting some points on the board.

Jones was tested numerous times by the relentless LGHS offense. Despite the volley of shots made by LGHS, defense improved from the first half, only allowing three goals.

After the goal, MVHS regained their composure and struck back on a fast break. With an advantage of numbers, they swarmed the opposing goal,but the shot was just wide of the left goal post. After the missed shot, MVHS didn’t let up on the intensity, mounting another offensive past midfield. However, this time LGHS was prepared and beat back the strike.

Throughout the game, the Matadors were unable to score goals and LGHS finished the game off with one last goal to make the final score 7-0, creating a rough start for MVHS’ season.

“I think that we could have pushed the ball towards the sidelines instead of putting it in the middle, so that the other team could easily get it. Since it went into the middle a lot, the other team could just pick it up,” Page said.

The Matadors‘ next home game will be against Gilroy High School on Thursday, Sept 13.

On September 13, 2012 a correction was made: Megan Jones is a senior.