KONY 2012 became a bandwagon

KONY 2012 became a bandwagon

Danielle Kay

KONY 2012 turned into a bandwagon, while there are other pressing issues that deserve the same attention.
Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter have been in an uproar over a movement dubbed “KONY 2012, which is meant to spread awareness of the atrocities committed at the hand of Joseph Kony. Kony is wanted for crimes against humanity in International Criminal Court; for twenty years, Kony has kidnapped children and forced them to kill (their own parents in some cases), for the sake of creating and heading his Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda.

The Internet video created by the organization Invisible Children, “KONY 2012”, has amassed more than 75 million views, partly due to promotion by celebrities. Yes, what this man is doing is terrible. There’s a special place in hell for people that hurt children — the devil must already have a welcome mat crocheted with Kony’s name.

The problem is that with all the issues in the world, only select issues are brought to such broad light. And when they are brought to light, everybody knows about it. Once again, this is a testament to the human tendency to jump on bandwagons, rather do things out of one’s own incentive.

As a result of this tendency, we are aware of this issue years after it started. Kony has been a plague upon Northern Africa for two decades, and now we become aware of it because of a promotional video being publicized on social networking sites. The only thing that makes KONY 2012 more prominent than corrupt politics in Russia, the conflict in the Middle East, and Europe’s arms dealing is its extensive publicity through social media.

We should all aim to be more informed, not just through means such as social networking sites. Getting your information from such sites just guarantees we’ll all know the same things that our friends know. Want to be proactive and make a difference? The next time you see a Tumblr post on KONY, reblog at will, but follow with links to other causes so your minions can tell your well rounded. And so you’ll be better informed.