Boys basketball: Matadors lose to Lynbrook in overtime


Megan Jones

Senior George Geha’s three-pointer with two seconds left on the clock forced overtime against the Lynbrook Vikings, but the Matadors lost 45-46. Footage by Morahd Shawki. Video compiled by Dickson Tsai. Music: “Kamihamiha Comin’” (ft. Kamihamiha) by JupiterSkydive licensed under CC-BY-3.0.

With six seconds left on the clock during the fourth quarter and MVHS three points behind Lynbrook, the gym was tense as senior George Geha received the ball.With confidence and skill, Geha quickly shot the ball from the three point line, as the fourth quarter rapidly came to in end. The ball soared and landed in the basket, tying the score and sending MVHS and Lynbrook into overtime. The crowd decked out in purple went wild. Geha scored a game-high 13 points, but the Matadors ultimately lost by one point, leaving both fans and players crushed, with a final score 45-46 in the Jan. 27 game against the Vikings. Senior TJ Jennings added 12 points, all of which were from three-pointers.“The crowd helped us get motivated. They were loud and intense and it was fun,” center senior Mihir Chavan said. “This was the first time we’ve played a home game with a big crowd like this, ever since freshman year, and so it was really nice and it really helped motivate us.”

The first quarter of the game started on an even playing field, with both teams unable to make a basket. Lynbrook won their first two points through free throws, but MVHS quickly came back, with senior TJ Jennings shooting the first three-pointer of the game with four minutes left in the quarter, leaving the score at 3-2. Despite the Matadors’ slight lead, the Vikings caught right back up with several free throw attempts and open shots, ending the first quarter with a 7-7 tie.

The Vikings pulled ahead during the second quarter, shooting a three-pointer to put the score at 7-10. But once again, MVHS came right back with a quick shot from junior Cory Low and settled the score at 9-10. With the score going back and forth, MVHS tied up the score once again at 12-12, with a three-pointer from junior Tomer Schwarz. Yet Lynbrook pulled ahead once more with two consecutive shots. The Matadors were not able to fully recover due to number of free throws given to Lynbrook, and ended the half at 19-23.

Throughout the entire third quarter, MVHS only scored a total of five points. However, the Matador defense kept Lynbrook from scoring as well, with the Vikings only reaching a total of six points. Although good shots were made by Chavan and Geha, the third quarter scored ended at 24-29.

In the fourth quarter, the Matadors kicked up their intensity, fueled by a combination of the roaring crowd and the accuracy of their shots. With four minutes left on the clock, the Matadors were losing at 31-36. However, MVHS bounced back, with Geha starting a shooting streak at the three minute mark. Geha shot, missed and rebounded his own shot, closing the scoring gap to 33-36. Lynbrook then scored back, once again putting the score back to 33-38. Low then made two free throws, making the Lynbrook lead slowly disappear at 35-38. With now less then two minutes left in the game, Jennings hit a three pointer, tying the score at 38-38.

The score now tied, Lynbrook threw a long inbound pass to fool the MVHS full-court press defense, resulting in an easy layup. With now eleven seconds left on the clock, and MVHS down by three points, coach Clay Stiver called for a timeout. After the timeout ended thirty seconds later, MVHS inbounded the ball, and with six seconds left on the clock, Geha hit a three pointer, tying the game at 41-41 and leading the Mats into overtime. The team, as well as the crowd, went wild.

“Once George hit that shot, [the team was] just like, ‘Oh, we got to win this. This is our house. We just got to win this. There is no turning back now,’ ” said Chavan. “[I was like], ‘George. You are amazing man. You are the star tonight.’”

With four minutes in overtime to determine the champion team, MVHS came in filled with intensity and passion. The Matadors took the lead with Chavan winning the tip off, but Lynbrook trailing close behind. With 20 seconds left on the clock, MVHS was in the lead with 45-44. However, the Matadors fouled and Lynbrook took the lead at 45-46. MVHS wasn’t able to recover in such a short amount of time, and ultimately the lost the game by one point, with the final score 45-46.

Although MVHS might not have have won the game, many came out to support the varsity boys team and in addition, the One Dollar For Life fundraiser which encourages students to donate just one dollar in the hopes of raising money for a birthing center in Nepal. Big clubs on campus, such as Interact, showed their support for players and volunteered to sponsor both boys varsity basketball, as well as girls varsity basketball. While Matadors might not have beat the Vikings, the night was still a success for many and showed the true school spirit of MVHS.

“[It’s] little sad [that MVHS lost],” Bull Spirit commissioner junior Lyan Cogan said. “But we beat [Lynbrook] at their home game so it’s all good.”