Explore Careers! debriefs Healthcare and Life Sciences

Explore Careers! debriefs Healthcare and Life Sciences

Simran Devidasani

On Jan. 10, MVHS PTSA’s monthly Explore Careers! program will host its second event for those interested in field of Healthcare and Life Sciences from 7 to 9 p.m.  Both parents and students are welcome to attend.Following the previous month’s  format, students are required to sign up for three sessions online.
Flyers, available in the Career Center, have been handed out to students and parents to attend this Career Night. This is the second of the five monthly events by PTSA. Photo by Simran Devidasani.
There will be 18 speakers from various science professions including physicians, a pre-natal genetic counselor, and a pediatric dietitian.
“What is really interesting about this particular event is that a lot of the speakers who are coming are actually MVHS alumni or current MVHS parents,” Career Center liaison Miriam Taba said. “Also, we found a lot of our sources and contacts from people at our school itself.”Students also have the opportunity to attend a pre-session presentation by a neurologist from 6:15 p.m to 6:45 p.m. Students are welcome to sign up for just the pre-session or both the pre-session and the actual session cycle.

“I am really interested in going because I want to explore being a physical therapist or being a pharmacist,” junior Elizabeth Zhang said.

Following discussion, the PTSA has decided to request teachers to give extra credit for students who attend the event as an incentive to come.

Science teachers Kavita Gupta and Andrew Goldenkranz have offered between five to ten points of extra credit for those who go.

According to Taba, many students are interested in Healthcare fields, especially in neurology. While looking at the sign-ups for the pre- session, Taba is surprised that 150 students have signed up so far.“This is MVHS after all,” Taba said. “So we’re expecting a pretty large turn out.”