The Perfect Matador:

The Perfect Matador:

Kevin Guo



Six boys and six girls were recently elected to the Homecoming Court, of which two will ultimately be crowned Homecoming King and Queen. The Homecoming Court is meant to represent the best of the student body and the class of 2012. However, since humans are a pathetic race of mortals, the members of the Homecoming Court are all flawed in their own, beautiful ways. What would the real Perfect Matador look like?

GOOD LOOKING: Nobody wants to admit it, but society places great emphasis on beauty and appearance.  It’s simple: dimples, not pimples.

Everyone admires passionate leaders who put themselves out there. The Perfect Matador is so spirited that he continues to cheer for hours after a rally has ended.

People are easily intimidated by those who are “too perfect,” but a sense of humor can convey modesty and humanity. Screw sit-ups, the Perfect Matador’s jokes will keep your abs exercised.

Successful people appeal to everyone because they are genial and outgoing. You know the Perfect Matador, even if she doesn’t know you.

Good communities are built
on the backs of productive and hardworking people. The Perfect Matador takes takes this to heart, and has more extracurriculars than fingers.