Football: Highlights of the scrimmage at Homestead


Dickson Tsai

HD highlights of the Aug. 26 scrimmage vs. Homestead that did not have any official scores or stats. Video by Dickson Tsai. Music: “Where You Are Now” by Alex (ft. WolfFly) licensed under Creative Commons license CC BY 3.0.

On Aug. 26, varsity football scrimmaged against the Homestead Mustangs in the Mustang’s brand new artificial turf stadium. The game was informal: no one kept score nor time. Instead of continuous gameplay, the teams would start a new offensive possession on the 20 yard line every time there was a turnover on downs or a touchdown.

Offensive coordinator Jeff Thomas’ triple-option offense, similar to the system run by the Navy’s football team, appeared in action for the first time. With the new system, MVHS converted many first downs with improved gains in the solid running game. However, turnovers were still a problem, including an interception that was returned for a touchdown and one in the red zone.

MVHS will face Overfelt High School on Sept. 3 in the Matadors’ non-league home opener.