Sixteen students to attend IDC exchange at Cupertino High School

Sixteen students to attend IDC exchange at Cupertino High School

Anushka Patil

Exchange takes students to Cupertino’s Rally of the Champions

FUHSD’s Intra-District Council regularly holds exchanges for students from one high school to visit another during specific days that showcase school spirit. On May 20, sixteen MVHS students will experience a day in the life of a Cupertino High School student and get to attend their Rally of the Champions.

Rally of the Champions, a competitive rally that happens every other year at CHS, switching off with their Hall of Fame Rally, which is for alumni. CHS’ theme for the rally this year is the Oscars. The individual class themes include animation, horror, science fiction, and action.

“You can dress formally, or you can dress with your class’ [individual theme],” said CHS IDC representative junior Ashley Park.

“We’re really well-known for our rallies and for how united we are. At other schools you’ll hear [students] cheering ‘2012!’ or ‘Seniors!’, but a lot of our cheers are for all of Tino.”

CHS will be hosting a total of about 30 students from other FUHSD schools.

Cupertino High School will be hosting an IDC exchange on May 20. 16 students from MVHS will be attending. Photo by Kevin Tsukii.“We’re preparing the hosts really well,” said Park, “so that our shadows are comfortable and [the exchange] is organized and interesting.”

MVHS IDC representatives junior Neil Fernandes and senior Angeline Chen worked together to select applicants for the exchange. Only approximately 10 out of the 42 applications could be accepted, but the number of applications showed support for the exchange program.

“There are so many misconceptions about other schools [in the district],” said Fernandes. “[Exchanges] made me see how different our school is from others. It raises your school pride.”