Class office winners announced

Akshay Agrawal

The results of the class office elections are in


After three days of voting, the student body have elected their class officers.


Class of 2012:

President:                   Peter Choi

Vice President:           Craig Boman

Secretary:                  Ryan Chui

Treasurer:                 Anant Singhania

Social Manager:         Karishma Mehrotra


Class of 2013:

President:                 Cathy Ang

Vice President:          Nikitas Kanellakopoulos

Secretary:                 Britni Chon

Treasurer:                Thomas Barber

Social Manager:        Hadar Sachs

IDC Representative: Arnon Karnkaeng


Class of 2014:

President:                 Marisa Yang

Vice President:          Leon Chen

Secretary:                 Sriya Srinath

Treasurer:                 Timmy Kuo

Social Manager:         Colin Kim


50 percent of 2012 voted, 49 percent of 2013 voted, and 67 percent of 2014 voted.