ASB officers elected, state goals

ASB officers elected, state goals

Akshay Agrawal


Student body elects juniors Jacob Lui, Christina Aguila, Kevin Chang, Kelly Darmawan, Sara Yang and Neil Fernandes as their ASB officers

The results of the ASB officer elections are in—all the incumbent 2012 class officers have been elected to their respective positions on ASB.

Although they are not in office yet, the soon-to-be ASB officers do have some tentative ideas for the next school year. One of their primary goals is to inject the entire school year with a heightened, more consistent level of school spirit.

Future ASB IDC representative Neil Fernandes, ASB vice president Christina Aguila, and ASB secretary Kelly Darmawan sell junior prom bids as current 2012 class officers. The officers hope to infuse MVHS with additional school spirit next year. Photo by Sara Yang.“I want to make second semester more enjoyable spirit-wise [and] class-wise,” ASB president elect junior Jacob Lui said. “We’re always really pumped [during] homecoming season…I want to maintain that level of school spirit within the spring time.”

Lui also noted that he wants to increase the integrity of the leadership class.

“It really bugs me when people are in leadership and they don’t really practice what they preach,” Lui said. “[For example] we try to implement cultural diversity [but some] turn around and do the exact same things.”

The aforementioned goals remain in their early stages, as the ASB officers have yet to concretely discuss their plans for the following year. MVHS students will have to wait until next year to see the ASB officers’ ideas manifest themselves in actions.

The campaign for ASB elections itself occurred March 20-25. All the positions with the exception of IDC representative and vice president were contested by multiple students.

MVHS chose Jacob Lui as ASB president, Christina Aguila as ASB vice president, Kevin Chang as ASB treasurer, Sara Yang as ASB social manager, Kelly Darmawan as ASB secretary, and Neil Fernandes as IDC representative.