Clubwatch: Visual expression of Chinese culture

Clubwatch: Visual expression of Chinese culture

Yaamini Venkataraman

Chinese Dance Club gives opportunity to learn about diversified culture

 Music courtesy of Charlotte Yuan.

To put it simply, China is a big country—a big country with several different subcultures. And although you could take a cross-country tour, perhaps the best way to learn more about Chinese culture would be to take a dance class.

According to president junior Charlotte Yuan, Chinese dance cannot be classified in general due to its all-encompassing nature. As a country broken down into 22 provinces, each province has a certain style. The club is currently working on a Mongolian style dance, which invokes more masculine and strong movements with a feminine, gentle twist. Although the club is only four people—Yuan, vice-president sophomore Jessica Koe, social manager junior Kathy Fu, and freshman Jasmine Tsai—choreographing the routine proved challenging.

“You can’t really do much with four,” Yuan said. “If there were five, there would be more flexibility with formations.”

Currently, the club is preparing for Diversity Day auditions. Costumes are done, choreographing is done—but whether or not they make auditions depends on their success with cleaning and perfecting their routine. Maybe we’ll see them April 1.