Girls soccer ties 0-0 against Los Gatos High School

Girls soccer ties 0-0 against Los Gatos High School

Karishma Mehrotra


The tie at the girls soccer senior game qualifies them for CCS

 The varsity girls soccer team, third in the De Anza league, moves on to CCS after their 0 – 0 tie against Los Gatos High School, the second team in the league, on Feb 11. The game not only gives MVHS the ticket to CCS, but it was also celebration of “Senior Night.”

Before the game, juniors shared each senior’s accomplishments, anecdotes, memories, and a handshake, a tradition by junior Hannah Debaets and senior Olivia Li. After parents took pictures of the joyful team and injured senior Grace Huang was allowed to perform the kick-off, the team got back into game mode.

In the first half, both teams were just getting warmed up, with close goals on both sides. One LGHS attempt bounced off the top crossbar while breakaways by senior Cheryl Tom came close to a finished goal.

“[LGHS] always comes in hard,” Tom said, “so we that ahead of time and we knew they weren’t going to take us easy.”

After MVHS Coach Alan Kute highlighted points of needed improvement, including defense and encouraged the team in the halftime, he asked them if they want this win. All the girls nodded  their heads and run back into place in the field.

“We were really pumped for this game,” Tom said. “because we knew that if we won or at least tied we would be in CCS, so that was a motivating factor.”

Second half began and the intensity rose. Aggression led to two yellow cards on LGHS’ freshman Kristi Braken-guelke and junior Chloe Mason. At one point the referee warned Kute to suppress the sideline comments. Sophomore Jenica Wang also received a hard blow in the face, leading to a nose bleed that took her out for the rest of the game.

In the last minutes of the game, both teams were still unable to secure a goal despite good runs by sophomore Cynthia Mao and senior Zohar Liebermensch. The game ended on a tie, 0 – 0, sending MVHS to CCS playoffs on Feb 22 and 23.